S-Town is a podcast that is hard to explain. It’s made by Brian Reed and is “presented by” This American Life and Serial. So it’s not a new series of Serial, but it’s made under their banner. A bit strange. But so is this podcast. Strange in a good way. […]

S-Town podcast review “an amazing piece of storytelling”

Free Fire is a film about an arms deal that goes wrong and the confrontation that follows. That might not sound like enough story to fill a film, but that’s all there really is. There’s a lot of action, some very funny moments and an incredible amount of shooting. It’s […]

Free Fire – film review

hot pot at the lamb and flag leeds
The Lamb and Flag is a lovely pub close to the centre of Leeds. The building the pub is based in has been respectfully restored, with lots of exposed brickwork and nice bright natural light comes in through the big windows. It feels modern and clean but also traditional. It […]

The Lamb and Flag – Leeds restaurant review

The Alexander Plaza Hotel is located a short walk from the Alexanderplatz train station in central Berlin. It’s easy to find and looks very nice from the outside, as you can see from the photos I took. The appearance of the hotel and the lobby were a surprise to me […]

Hotel Alexander Plaza – Berlin hotel review

The Katine Deluxe is an excellent place to go for delicious German food at an affordable price. They use technology in an interesting way which provided a new experience for me, the food was great and the service friendly. Ordering using a tablet The most obviously different thing about this […]

Kantine Deluxe – Berlin restaurant review

Elbow bridlington spa mirrorball
Bridlington isn’t the kind of place that you first think of when you think about places known for hosting the best bands in the country. But the Bridlington Spa was a perfect venue to house Elbow and their soaring soundscapes, full of beauty, charm and warmth – just like the […]

Elbow – Bridington Spa gig review – March 2017 “A ...

My wife and I stumbled across Snap on our way to walk along the East Side Gallery, which is located a short walk away. We felt very lucky that we found this place for lunch, as we had a delicious meal that was incredibly cheap. Perfect for a quick lunch […]

SNAP Natural Fast Food – Berlin restaurant review

There are a lot of reasons that this film shouldn’t have appealed to me. I don’t particularly like musicals. I’m not a fan of Ryan Gosling. Films about the magic of Hollywood feel a bit too much like backslapping to me too. So there are three solid reasons I should […]

La La Land – Film review

Sapiens is a bold attempt to tell the history of our species in four hundred and sixty pages. It doesn’t quite achieve this but it does provide plenty of interesting stories and is a great introduction to a wide variety of ideas and subjects which the reader could then investigate […]

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari ...

City of Thieves is a story about a young man from St. Petersberg (or Leningrad, as it was known at the time) who is caught looting the corpse of a downed German pilot and as a result is sent on an unlikely caper that puts him together with Red army […]

City of Thieves by David Benioff – book review