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Free Fire is a film about an arms deal that goes wrong and the confrontation that follows. That might not sound like enough story to fill a film, but that’s all there really is. There’s a lot of action, some very funny moments and an incredible amount of shooting. It’s […]

Free Fire – film review

There are a lot of reasons that this film shouldn’t have appealed to me. I don’t particularly like musicals. I’m not a fan of Ryan Gosling. Films about the magic of Hollywood feel a bit too much like backslapping to me too. So there are three solid reasons I should […]

La La Land – Film review

Jane Urso
Rogue One is a first for Star Wars, a film that falls outside the nine-episode story arc of the series. It’s not a big departure, as Rogue One sets the scene for the first Star Wars film to get released Episode Four: A New Hope. It’s the story of the […]

Star Wars: Rogue One – film review