Kantine Deluxe – Berlin restaurant review

The Katine Deluxe is an excellent place to go for delicious German food at an affordable price. They use technology in an interesting way which provided a new experience for me, the food was great and the service friendly.

Ordering using a tablet

The most obviously different thing about this place is how the ordering system works. The friendly waitress brought over two tablet devices and talked us through how to use them. You scroll through the simple menu system, select what you’d like to order and when you’re ready you press the button and it gets pinged over to the kitchen and the bar.

The drinks were brought over by the barman and the tablet buzzed whenever food was ready, to let you know to go and fetch it from the counter at the side of the open plan kitchen.

It was a very smooth system and given neither myself or my wife can speak German well, it was nice to be able to order without any risk of confusion. The language on the device could be easily changed and each dish had a little info button next to it, which allowed us to get more details about dishes we hadn’t heard of before.

Ordering with a tablet instead of asking a human was a different way of doing things but I think I prefer it and hope to see this system introduced to more restaurants in the future.


We ordered cocktails to start with, which came in jam jar style glasses, which seems to the be trendy thing to do at the moment, both in Germany and England. The cocktails came with a health amount of ice and plenty of booze. I’m not much of a drinker, so one of these was enough for me. I followed it up with one of the wide selection of beers they had on offer.

Starters – Salmon salad / Tomato and sausage soup

The starters we had were excellent. My wife’s salmon dish was huge, occupying a full-sized plate and probable enough food for a light main course. The combination of flavours on the plate worked well together and my wife enjoyed it a great deal.

My soup was deliciously rich and sweet. I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy lumps of sausage in there but they added bulk and flavour to the soup. There was a big lump of sour cream in the middle of the bowl too, which also added another dimension to the taste. I’d really recommend this dish.

Main course – Pork with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut / Pork schnitzel with chips

Our main courses were both excellent. The portion sizes were both very generous and neither of us managed to finish out meals. The food was so good that we both ate more than we should have though!

The schnitzel was deliciously prepared, the coating was light and crisp at the same time with delicious pork underneath. The chips alongside were also cooked very nicely and it came with a little jar of a jam-like substance which was pretty good too.

The pork was wonderful, the mashed potatoes were cooked in the European-style which I’ve never loved. I find the way we make mash in the UK leads to lighter, fluffier mash which tastes more of potatoes. It was fine though, just a slight difference in cultures maybe. The dish overall was delicious and I loved the sauerkraut.

Dessert – nothing

Sadly we were both too full to eat anything more after the main courses. This was a disappointment as there looked to be some good options on the menu. So I would recommend diners hold back some room for dessert rather than stuffing their faces on the earlier courses like we did.

Overall impression and rating – 92/100

This is an excellent place to eat out in Berlin. The staff were attentive but relaxed, the place feels cool but comfortable and the food was delicious. I enjoyed having the tablet menu ordering system which was a novelty but also was practically useful, particularly to travellers that might be nervous about ordering in a foreign language. I would recommend Kantine Deluxe to anyone staying in Berlin.