The Lamb and Flag – Leeds restaurant review

hot pot at the lamb and flag leeds

The Lamb and Flag is a lovely pub close to the centre of Leeds. The building the pub is based in has been respectfully restored, with lots of exposed brickwork and nice bright natural light comes in through the big windows. It feels modern and clean but also traditional. It sounds like a contradiction but they seem to have managed both things.

The pub is owned by Leeds Brewery, so it features a wide range of great beers behind the bar and the staff have a good knowledge of which beer will suit your particular mood. The food is traditional pub food but it’s done well and the service we had was very good.

Sunday lunch at The Lamb and Flag

I went for Sunday lunch there, which is a slightly different menu from the rest of the week which I suspect is a bit more limited. They offer a range of traditional roasts (turkey, beef, lamb and chicken if I remember correctly) there were also four or five alternatives if you didn’t want a normal Sunday lunch.

I shared a starter with my wife, we had livebait. When I’ve had livebait in other places before I’ve found the batter to be too heavy and the amount of oil was too much. Not so here though, the little fishies were perfectly cooked, crispy but light and we both enjoyed this dish a lot.

For my main course I had a lamb hotpot. As you can see from the picture, it came with plenty of freshly cooked vegetables and a lid of thinly sliced potatoes. Underneath there were lovely lumps of lamb in a delicious gravy sauce. The portion size was perfect and every element was perfectly cooked.

My wife had the roast beef, which I had a taste of. The beef was absolutely delicious, brown on the outside and slightly pink towards the middle and incredibly tasty. My mother-in-law cooks an excellent Sunday lunch but I think this was better than hers (I don’t think she’ll ever read this blog, so I should be safe in saying that).

For dessert I shared a sticky toffee pudding with my wife, we were both too full to have one to ourselves. The pudding was very good. The pudding itself was heavy, just like I like it, the toffee sauce tasted great and the generous helping of custard on top was perfect. Writing about it is making me want to go back and order again.


The staff were all very pleasant and happy to help with any questions we had about drinks or the menu. They kept checking in with us about whether the food was OK and there was always someone on hand if we needed something.

I liked that the staff were friendly in a more natural way that a lot of places. There was a natural warmth and a relaxed feel to the way the staff interacted with their customers. While I’m sure they do have standards that they have to follow, it never felt like you were a box to tick or a potential mystery shopper to please.

I also liked the pace of the service too, the food was freshly cooked so it’s reasonable to expect a bit of a wait I suppose. It was nice to have chance to digest between courses and to enjoy the company of the people we were with.

Overall experience and rating – 89 out of 100

I found The Lamb and Flag to be a wonderfully relaxed place to eat and drink. The Sunday lunches are superb, the staff are very friendly and the prices are reasonable.

I’m going to give The Lamb and Flag 89 out of 100, very pleasant and an enjoyable experience. The only slight negative was that the Sunday lunch menu was a little bit limited but the options we chose were great, so it’s not really a proper criticism.