I enjoyed Kill Your Friends more than I think I really should. As someone who thinks themselves to be a basically decent person, my enjoyment of this book completely undermines this concept. Nice people shouldn’t enjoy this book. It’s filthy, it’s horrible and is set in the kind of grimy […]

Kill You Friends by John Niven – book review

Jane Urso
Rogue One is a first for Star Wars, a film that falls outside the nine-episode story arc of the series. It’s not a big departure, as Rogue One sets the scene for the first Star Wars film to get released Episode Four: A New Hope. It’s the story of the […]

Star Wars: Rogue One – film review

Boomerang rentals website
Before streaming was widely available I used to love receiving rental DVDs through the post. It’s always nice to have something arrive in the mail, particularly if you know it’s going to keep you entertained for a while. Boomerang Rentals is the video games equivalent of the old Lovefilm by […]

Boomerang rentals – video games rental service review

Call of Duty games are all much the same. You follow the linear path through the game, blasting whatever generic group of people you’re fighting against. This game is marginally different, as you’re now doing it the future and you get to drive a spaceship. Going into the future is […]

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – Game review

This is a review of the single player more of Battlefield One. I’ve a casual gamer, so don’t play online multiplayer games. Battlefield One is a first person shooter set in World War One, the single player mode takes you through five different chapters of action, each with its own […]

Battlefield One – PS4 game review

trevor noah born a crime cover
This is the story of Trevor Noah’s early life in South Africa, covering the lively and occasionally brutal world that he grew up in. There’s a mix of social history, funny stories and reflection on growing up as an outsider. It all comes together in an entertaining and touching portrait […]

Born a Crime by Trevor Noah – Book review

Here’s a list of my ten favourite books that I wrote at the end of 2016. It was hard to whittle the list down and on a different day I might have picked a completely different list, but here it is:

Top ten books