SNAP Natural Fast Food – Berlin restaurant review

My wife and I stumbled across Snap on our way to walk along the East Side Gallery, which is located a short walk away. We felt very lucky that we found this place for lunch, as we had a delicious meal that was incredibly cheap. Perfect for a quick lunch when you’re in the middle of a busy day.


There is a huge row of fridges that line the wall of the restaurant which have a wide selection of drinks available, both alcoholic and soft drinks. I felt like a child in a sweet shop as I looked over the various options. I had a Sternberg Radler, a shandy if you’re from the UK and my wife had a Diet Coke.

Currywurst with homemade curry sauce

All of the Berlin guide books bang on about how essential it is to try a currywurst while you’re in Berlin and this was my only chance on the trip. It’s apparently a favourite of Berliners, a sausage covered in a particular type of curry sauce.

The sausage itself was very tasty but the curry sauce was the thing that made me really enjoy this dish. It had a thick consistency and a nice balance between spiciness and sweetness. It wasn’t a million miles from the kind of curry sauce that UK fish and chip shops sell, but was a bit sweeter, thicker and tastier.

I ordered a side of chips with mine, which were hot, crisp and delicious. Perfect for mopping up the leftover curry sauce.

Classic chicken burger

My wife ordered a classic chicken burger, which I shared with her. The chicken was nicely cooked chicken breast, covered in a delicious coating. It was a very good chicken burger indeed, with a little bit of mayo and lettuce on top too.

We had a side order of sweet potato fries with this dish and they were also delicious. They were cooked perfectly and were a welcome addition to the meal.

Overall impression and rating – 84 out of 100

We had a lovely meal at Snap and would recommend it to anyone that wants a home-cooked meal with fresh ingredients. The service was good, though there was a slight delay between one meal coming out and the other. But otherwise, it was great. The staff were friendly and helpful when I struggled with the German language and made us feel welcome. A great place to eat in Berlin.